Thursday, November 4, 2010

Southwest Goes South to Mexico

According to an article on this week, Southwest Airlines is teaming up with Volaris, a discount Mexican carrier, to send passengers to Mexico. "Starting on November 12 you can visit Southwest’s website to book tickets through a code share agreement to places like Cancun, Mexico City, and Guadalajara.", the article states.

Great news from my perspective, as you can link up from Guadalajara or Mexico City to any sunny beach destination in Mexico such as Los Cabos, La Paz and Puerto Vallarta, among others. Southwest/Volaris will also fly you directly to Cancun.

This option will allow US passengers to fly down via the new Southwest/Volaris partnership, maybe get to know the downtown Zocalo and historic districts in Mexico City or Guadalajara (highly recommended), and then take advantage of the spectacular rates being offered by all of Mexico's new breed of discount airlines, such as Volaris.

If anybody happens to fly down via the new Southwest/Volaris partnership, be sure to post comments on your flight experience here!

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