Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baja Travel - Taking the Ferry

The previous blog post covered bus travel on the Peninsula: Baja Travel - Riding the Bus. This post gives the basic run-down on riding the ferry - either one of them!

From mainland Mexico you can take a ferry across to Baja from Guaymas, Topolobampo and Mazatlan. Guaymas is located on the mainland in the state of Sonora while Topolobampo and Mazatlan are both in Sinaloa. Websites for all routes are listed below.

Approximate Travel Time and Costs:
The private cabins listed below contain two bunk beds, and may or may not have a private bathroom. Children up to age 11 are half-price on all routes. Infants up to one years of age are free.

Guaymas to Santa Rosalia: approximately 7 hours, $65 USD per person, $75 USD for a private cabin.
Topolobampo to La Paz: approximately 9 hours, 710 pesos ($71 USD) per person, 760 pesos ($76 USD) for a private cabin with bathroom for up to four people.

Mazatlan to La Paz: approximately 18 hours, 800 pesos ($80 USD) per person, 250 pesos ($25 USD) for a private cabin for up to four people; bathroom separate. We´ve traveled this route twice, the cabins are simple with two bunk beds and a window. The boat is large and the ride smooth, you will most likely never notice a wave much less get seasick.

All three ferry systems have food and bar service, car and overnight accommodations. Dogs are allowed but must be in a kennel (or kept in the car) and cannot enter the cabins but stay outside on deck. We traveled with our medium sized Rat Terrier this way and he did just fine. No one bothered him, I was allowed to take him out of the kennel to walk on the deck - was just not permitted to enter the cabin area. Staff were helpful and seemed to keep an eye on him as well.

There is a full-bar on deck that has a large T.V. screen and shows videos, children are welcome. Meals are nothing special, very basic Mexican fare but an assortment of snacks are available for purchase.

More Information & Websites:
For more information on Baja Ferries, including the cost to transport a vehicle, click here to view.

The Santa Rosalia to Guaymas route has an additional website: click here to view.

Happy travels, Molly
Author of Viva La Baja! Relocation & Real Estate Guide


adventuremex said...

the ferry is an excellent way to travel. I have taken the trip to mainland mexico 2 or 3 times from baja.

Molly McHugh said...

Thanks for the comments - I agree the ferry is great, just a little pricey if crossing with a car - around $250 USD per vehicle, $170 USD per motorcycle, approx $1400 USD for a 12 meter RV and up. Ouch, says my bank account :)

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Molly McHugh said...

Thanks Pablo, clicked on your name and your Pablo Camera page with photo... do you write as well? May have missed it, reply back with link! Happy New Year to you, Molly

Anonymous said...

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Molly McHugh said...

Thank you - checked out 'Gadget Gifts' fun site!

baja travel said...

I am from Baja and I have travelled from Baja to Sinaloa (Mazatlan and Topolobampo) and from Sinaloa by Ferry and it is great, especially if you need to bring a vehicle.

Now at days the service is good enough and you can have a relaxed night and enjoy the sea.

I recommend it!